About Megan

Megan Barnard writes upmarket historical fiction. She has worked as a literary agent, editor, and copywriter, but writing fiction is where her heart truly lies. When she’s not writing she drinks coffee and travels widely. Her favorite places to read across the globe are Île Saint-Louis in Paris, Pacific Grove, CA, and Portmagee, Ireland.

In reality, though, she spends most of her free time shuffling towering stacks of books around, so they don’t kill her or her husband.

You can follow her Instagram @ meganwbarnard.

You can also sign up for her newsletter, OrdinaryExtraordinary, where she writes about the books she’s reading, where she’s reading them from, and, most importantly, posts pictures of her incredibly photogenic dog, Pippin.

Megan is represented by Jim McCarthy at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret.